Passing The Starbucks Test

A buddy shared that he’s close to passing the “Starbucks Test” for financial security.

He’s spent many years living below his means and is close to reaching the point where he could maintain his lifestyle, while earning minimum wage. The nearing of goal achievement is making him nervous.

Career inertia, spending and debt can conspire to make us believe that we have no choice but to continue.

I’m happy for my pal and remember how the realization that I could live on far less, was a sad period. I was free and couldn’t blame my circumstances.

My choice was to leave a conventional life behind. I spent close to ten years “having fun” and doing what “I” wanted. There’s a lot of conditioning that tells us that self-indulgence is the secret to happiness.

It might be! Those were good years. However, things change and eventually, I was left with a question (along with my three children)…

What’s the best use of the time that I have left?

Are you doing your life’s work?

If not then change slowly.