Corona Diary 23 April 2020

We rolled through Day 40, yesterday. That’s a big block of time and we’ve used it well.

More guidelines from our governor about the shift from “Stay at Home” to “Safer at Home” => bottom line for us, not much change.

Two things caught my eye: childcare coming back on line and group size capped at 10 people.


Came to a realization about home school:

On any given day, I’m going to get yelled at, listen to bickering and deal with kids crying.

Just the way it is.

One thing for sure => whatever happens, it usually goes better with a limited reaction from me.

Keep grinding!


Does your kid think out loud, or process by verbalizing her questions?

Know that you have an option to stand by while she figures things out for herself.

Not engaging, not answering, is a tough habit to break but quite useful if you find yourself in a pattern that “drives you nuts.”

I let our youngest answer obvious questions – she loves the role of the wise sibling!


Our rolling average positives are growing and our testing positivity rate is staying in the high teens.

Typing this on the morning of Day 41, even with our Stay-at-Home order, we have not seen a plateau in positives.

A senior care home down the hill from us (about 3 miles away) has become a hotspot in Boulder County => 30 positives and six deaths reported, as of yesterday.

Eagle County buses are reopening May 4th with a maximum occupancy of 10 passengers, using only the rear door.