#mancamp Day Two Blog – Over 12,000 feet


Monica suggested that I emphasize photos over text but Petro said that he likes my thoughts.  So I’ll keep rolling with the blogs.

Today was our first really big day of training.  JD suggested that we roll at 6:30am to avoid the road works on Trail Ridge Rd — very good call and we were over 12,000 feet before 9am.  As you’ll see in the photos the views were spectacular.

The pace was solid on the way up the climb and I manage to keep my power average rising from 30-120 minutes on the ride, which isn’t easy when you’re topping out over 12,000 ft.  JD and I worked together really well on the climb (a lot better than BoCO camp when I blew myself up with attacks on Mt Evans).

Petro has decided that we need to sprint for every city limits sign in Colorado — that takes it toll after a while but I did manage to get over 1,000 watts for the Granby sprint.  It was downhill from there for me but I hung on for 2nd on the stage (JD won).

We had a long regroup at the motel then checked out the brand new rec center here in Fraser/Winter Park — big improvement over Snow Mountain Ranch.  JD suggested Monsy 100s (24×100 on various splits) so I ended up with ~3400yds.  We squeezed in the run before the swim.

I had a blog in my head about the why of triathlon for me.  However, I’m pretty beat and Monica told me to keep it short.  So that’s it for today!


Ride over Trail Ridge Rd – http://tpks.ws/FHt1

Grand Lake to Winter Park – http://tpks.ws/OljO