The Big Steel Challenge

Over at Endurance Corner, we were looking for an idea to spice up our winter.  So for January, we came up with the Big Steel Challenge.  Goal is simple. Lift as much weight as you can in a month.  We had AC run the math on a few popular lifts to arrive at conversion factors.

Just in case you want to try, here’s the scoring from a sample session that I did yesterday.

Weigh In = 171.4 lbs

  • 18 palms away chins = 3,085 lbs
  • Squats, 15 w/ bar and 40 with 100 lbs = 4,675
  • 95 push-ups score 5,428 lbs with 1/3 body weight factor
  • 40 reps of leg press sled 100 lbs scores 4,000 lbs – ignore sled weight due to 45 degree angle
  • 40 reps of single leg press at 55 lbs scored 2,200 lbs
  • 80 single leg extensions at 12.5 lbs scored 1,000 lbs
  • 48 single leg calf raises scored 823 lbs converting at 10% of body weight
  • 15 dips scored 2,571 lbs
  • 40 straight arm pulls on the cable cross scored 1,040 lbs
  • 20 reps of 65 lbs dead lift scored 1,300 lbs
  • 40 single leg hip bridges the conversion factor for these is still under consideration

Roughly, it took 28 minutes to shift over 25,000 pounds.

Shifting 50,000 lbs per week, using only an hour of my time… That has to be the single greatest return on investment in my entire program.  I’m not talking about an athletic return of being fast at forty.  I’m talking about a life return of being fully functional at eighty!

Follow along on twitter and I’ll tweet up a google doc where we can track ourselves. If you need any tips then tweet me or @Alan_Couzens and we’ll help you out.

With a bit of luck, I might get over 250,000 lbs for the month!