Macca and Me

May was a tough month for role-models and I wondered if I was setting myself up for disappointment when I picked up Macca’s new book. The first thing I noticed was Mark Allen did the forward and I was wondering why Mark would give energy to Chris. I had to read the book to find out!

When I write, I provide you with insight into how I want you to see me. Even when I’m talking about others, it is all coming through the filter of my life, so reveals a lot about me. Similarly, when I sit down and read Macca’s book, I see him through my own eyes. What did I see?


If you get the chance to listen to Mark Allen talk about breaking through in Hawaii then he’ll likely touch on fear. Fear of the heat, fear of the wind, and fear of Dave Scott. I love listening to Mark share his stories but, despite trying for a decade, I couldn’t figure out my own fears… until Chris told me.

  • Fear of leading then losing.
  • Fear of fast starts.
  • Fear of going fast.
  • Fear of lacking the character to ethically survive putting winning first.

Now you know why I have more silvers, than golds. Wish I’d figured this out seven years ago! Still, I have a few goals left and this is valuable knowledge.


If you want to achieve a goal then you must be willing to change. Change your approach; change your body; change your tactics. Greg Bennett told me this; Mark told me this; and Macca writes about it. Macca shares stories about highly successful people letting their egos dig them deeper into their patterns – rather than change to new realities. You don’t need to be a champion athlete to be led astray by the pattern of past successes.


Most my best performances (and a few of my worst) have come when I get so jacked up that I forget about the limits I tell myself. Chris has a number of stories that share his personal experience with being the underdog. Mark told me to train my mind to get used to going faster than what I’d have to do to win. Looking back on my fears – you can see why that was difficult for me.


Fear, Change and Respect – regardless of your sport, or level of fitness, there are valuable lessons available in Chris’ book.

Love the art…