Lessons From Lexi


This is an extract from the birthday card that I made for my daughter.  She’s three.

The picture above, and on the card, is her parents on the island of Tahiti. We didn’t need to travel to French Polynesia to have peace in our hearts but it certainly didn’t hurt.


Happy Third Birthday!

You are a great daughter and I wanted to share a couple of things that I’ve learned from you.

As you go through life, keep these close to your heart because people sometimes forget them.

The best way to greet a friend is with a hug and a smile. We love your smile and we love your hugs.

Last week, you barfed in my car. Some day you’ll have to clean up someone else’s barf but this isn’t the lesson. What I really love about you is you didn’t carry the experience with you. Learn from the past then leave it. At the bottom of the canyon, you told me before you went blah (your word, not mine). Thanks for learning!

You are a very strong little girl.  Remember that the difference between bossy and assertive is manners.

Finally, you taught me that I love you is better than I’m sorry. I’m grateful and I love you, even when you pinch me (you ask me about this a lot right now).