The Blink of an Eye

Last week was my seventh wedding anniversary and the guy in my wedding pictures is starting to look considerably younger than the man I see in the mirror each morning!

With the last seven years flying past, I cast my eye forward, seven years from now.

If I make it then where will I be?

  • 50 years old
  • Three kids (10,8,6)
  • Two cats (11, 11)

The cats and I will be getting up there but the kids will be young. My wife will be the age that I am right now, and I’ve assured her that it remains quite enjoyable to be 43!

The way I experience time isn’t balanced. Looking backwards, everything flew by. Thinking forward, I feel that plenty of time remains.

In three more “blinks” I’ll be 64, not far off my parents’ age.

Six “blinks” will take me to my grandparents’ age.

The speed that life passes me by is a strong motivator for kindness and making sure that I use each day wisely.