Emotional Freedom

I’ve spent much of my adult life around mountaineers, off-shore sailors and ultraendurance athletes. These pursuits attract people seeking escape (most of us never truly realize from what).

For me, the serenity that I found through exercise has been extremely useful in transforming my internal life.

Seeing as most of us carry the pieces of the past with us, I though that I would write down a path towards emotional freedom.


At some stage in my adult life, I decided to take responsibility for myself.

After years of trying to heal specific issues in the past, I came to the belief that my odds of success were remote!

So I decided to release the past by not continuing its pain into the future (via my kids, spouse, pets and co-workers).

To make it easier for me to release those that hurt me, I remember that the pain they shared with me came from something before them.

As a parent, seeing others as kids can help create compassion for the pain they carry around and seek to share.

Repeat as necessary.