Sorry About That

Got pulled into a Twitter discussion about clean sport today.

Cleaner doesn’t mean clean. Consider 88 Olympics and decade that followed.

I can roll off 12 cheats in my peer group, which is more narrow than elite sport. Joe Public reads 12 and would reasonably think that’s pretty close to zero. How many riders in USADA report?

We should be cautious with statements that can’t be checked. I’m trying to improve this aspect of my own writing. Not as careful as you.

Basic psychological tricks can be used to manipulate our perception of facts. Thinking, Fast and Slow is a book that explains how. Antifragile is a book that explains the dangers of manipulated thinking for researchers.

To protect my thinking, I try to point out, to myself, when a statement might be manipulating my thinking.

I broke one of my rules by engaging directly. Civil discourse best done via general statements and mutual respect. Twitter lousy platform for that!

You may have taken my tweets as a criticism of your work. Not true and sorry about that.

With respect,