Corona Virus 31 March 2020

2020-03-30 13.14.38

Key thing to remember… you really don’t want an overuse injury with more than a month to go in your lockdown!

Build in orthopedic recovery => especially if you’ve cranked run volume in the last two weeks.

I’ve been taking weekends off from training => just walking, easy hiking with the kids and a few pull ups.


Home School

This week we are adding online learning from the district. Bit of a mess with me running between three iPads running simultaneously.

One thing I noticed with our oldest, she feel extremely anxious getting a stack of “to do’s” without a corresponding schedule of how she going to complete them. As a result, the first two days were an anxious, nonstop, bleary-eyed sprint to lunch (after which she went back to normal).

I’m going to build in a 15-minute planning meeting with her to start each day and help her create her own schedule.

2020-03-31 09.10.41

Make your own playdough was a hit! We mixed primary colors and discussed secondary colors, which they created themselves.

We will have the kids’ BJJ coach coming over to run PE tomorrow. They’re pretty excited, even with the six-foot rule.

2020-03-30 13.47.42

Yesterday was fitness bingo for warmup then football. Our oldest throws everything like a waterpolo ball – makes it kinda tough to play catch with her.

We signed up for => a lego sharing biz. I’ll be washing down the bricks before the kids get rolling.

Top of the blog is Bella acting out her short story. The kids love reciting, and acting, every single thing they write.


Virus Stuff

I came across a reference to testing data becoming like a Cargo Cult (slide down this twitter feed).

It reminded me of the original commencement address by Feynman. Pure gold! I’ve printed it out so I can re-read it slowly.

  • What are we measuring with the testing data? Test results.
  • How reliable are the results?
  • Have you had any experience with Chinese data?
  • How about the reporting of the results? There are countries in the world where people are killed for reporting bad news.
  • Why are we measuring the global testing metric? Simply because we can?
  • Might there be a better place for us to focus?

The list of potential questions goes on and on. See the twitter feed.

The best tip I saw was… “if you want to have a look at what the virus is doing to a community then have a look at year-on-year all-cause mortality.” Focus on who’s dying, rather than who’s testing positive.

To their credit our state health department is seeking to do just that by breaking out their COVID data by age and county.

I’ve been tracking Colorado and Boulder County – here is my spreadsheet.

We closed our schools two days before the first positive was allocated to Boulder County. I think we will be very glad we were proactive.

China, Hong Kong, Denmark, South Korea and Taiwan => watch these places to see how long your best case lockdown is likely to be.