Corona Diary 24 April 2020

2020-04-23 07.54.46

Above => Axel doing kneeling plate half moons – legit (!) exercise – first thing that’s made him sore training with me.

We watched the Phantom Menace on Disney+ last night. Enjoyed it.

We’ve settled into an evening routine where we put on a movie and do breaks where everyone sits down to eat dinner in stages. Slows the kids down and spreads out the duration of the movie. I have a tendency to graze the entire time, though!


A better understanding of where/how transmission happens will be useful to figure out how we come out of lockdown.

As a family, opening the outdoors is more helpful than being able to access indoor areas. Looking unlikely that I’ll want to expose myself, or my family, to high-traffic surfaces or public indoor spaces anytime soon.


There is a useful “what we need to learn list” inside the article called The First Modern Pandemic, you can find it linked on the front page of Gates Notes.


The table below is our state trend under the stay-at-home order.


Calculate (a) 40-days of growth at (b) 5% per day as we reopen with (c) ~350 positives…

…~2,500 positives per day.

Lots of movement in the numbers depending on A-B-C => tremendous uncertainty, with a virus that is poorly understood.

Some local discussion about our Governor opening “too early.” He’s made it clear that “safer at home” isn’t an opening, at all.

2020-04-23 12.40.37


Here’s why I left my desk job 20 years ago => 1, 2 and 3 => 4 was a life review about where my choices were likely to take me over the following ten years.


Craft Idea => fuse bead bowl, fill with painted rocks, write a letter then deliver to a friend

2020-04-23 18.02.34

Older kids can color-code the bowl, or put the first letter of the recipient’s name in the base.


Our city council dropped the speed limit in residential neighborhoods to 20 mph. With the reduced traffic, my neighborhood has become bike friendly. Yay!

In other local news, our University President took a 10% pay cut. This is far from enough => he’s likely to be furloughing most his teaching staff, slashing administrative positions and making across-the-board pay cuts for the survivors.

Picture mid-July, Colorado is under its second stay-at-home order, what’s the right thing to do with the ~33,000 kids looking to return the following month?

I hope I’m wrong => my expectation implies all kinds of pain for my hometown.


Class action suit launched against the parent companies of the Ikon and Epic ski passes.