Corona Diary 23 May 2020

Balloon fight went surprisingly well yesterday.

Balloon filling… less so.

Here’s our Saturday Schedule, which has been working well:

8:15 Announcements 

Early days of Luke Skywalker

8:30 Art

  • Axel draws Luke Skywalker – these projects have been a huge confidence builder for him
  • Bella work on her Corona Diary
  • Lexi makes masks – this week she contributed a mask, rather than cleaning

9:45 Snack

10 Recess

10:30 Bella Reading Class – Lesson Three was sight words and butterflies

Lexi & Axel iReady or DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)

11 Free Choice

Each of us makes a weekly cleaning contribution.

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Jiu Jitsu at Home

1:15 Lunch

1:45 Free Choice

2 Second PE or Friends (Lexi walking down to fishing pond with buddy)


Our employment incentives are out of whack:

  • Lots of social cover for firing staff
  • Federal government subsidy via extra UI payments
  • Huge number of peers out of work

Continuing to subsidize people standing down will not have the outcome we want. We have a stampede of layoffs. Human nature tells me we will overshoot on the cutting back.

Well intended, but rushed, policies might be making things worse for the collective.

Hertz into Bankruptcy

The Hertz bankruptcy filing noted plans to sell $5 Billion worth of cars into the US market. While a small percentage of the overall market, when combined with the unemployment/economic figures, there may be a big impact, and great deals if you need a car in the second half of the year.

Personally, I’m waiting for non-depreciable assets to go on sale.

Other Stuff

Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt and the story didn’t generate much press. Too much big news these days.

Having trouble finding a new bike for a spouse or kid? Put a drop post underneath the saddle of an existing one. Monica and I have been sharing my bike since the start of lockdown.

Once your kid hits five-feet tall, a drop post on a used high-end ladies mountain bike (see below) is a cost effective way to expand your cycling quiver. We’re going to get a dozen years out of the bike below.

Our oldest now has a choice for her rides… too big or too small. 🙂

Big day yesterday, she rode Baseline “from the bottom”

UK starting 14-day quarantine for arrivals from June 8th.

Possible pump and dump by management of vaccine developers – and connected politicians, I bet – Moderna execs sell.

Hong Kong Government giving away masks and China imposing top-down loyalty legislation (sad for my friends in HK, not surprising to me).

Summer science learning links – see Can Crusher for an easy way to impress the kids!

One day left on my Big Mountain training plan.

Every training blocks ends