Corona Diary 26 May 2020, above the fold

I’m sure we’d all like that to be the case (May 25, 2020).

In Colorado:

  • Testing continues to trend up – getting close to 5,000 tests per day
  • Positives and hospitalizations showing a clear downward trend

Main Colorado data page link.

In early May, I told Monica that the shift in seasons was likely to have everyone feeling more hopeful. It is really green in town, the days are long and I’m feeling much more optimistic.

Perhaps the second wave will come in the fall, rather than late summer. Time will tell.

Community spread is still out there. I sit on a citizens’ committee associated with our school board. Last week we were told that three of our bond construction sites had seen brief shutdowns due to positive test results. Most the construction happens indoors and the crews are being very careful to avoid an outbreak.

My weekend thinking had me considering two questions.

1./ Am I acting like I’m certain of outcome?

  • We can afford to miss out => up, down or sideways => it’s OK to miss out
  • Survival is what’s most important => avoiding ruin, death and disability => in a highly uncertain time this implies getting the “no” correct is more important than worrying about bold actions
  • I had been thinking about moving and making a large purchase => separate from the direction of the housing market, do not increase stress at a stressful time => moving is not going to happen during this pandemic

2./ Are you doing what needs to be done, or what you want to be doing?

In stressful times, we tend to give the world more of ourselves. More in a very literal sense. As in “More Gordo Than Gordo.” If you are a strong personality, who is able to get stuff done, then I’m willing to bet that you’ve been getting a lot done!

This has been a weakness for me because, in a stressful time, the people around me don’t necessarily need me to do more. They need me to listen more, love more and talk more => particularly when they are cut off from their peers, who handle this aspect of their lives in normal times.

A favorite reminder, “when more ceases to work, consider less.”

This made me smile:

There are deep concerns about surveillance in BoCo, a place rarely associated with the far right.

“Far” anything tends to converge.

Tapping my inner Kylo Ren while walking the neighborhood

Lexi caught a fish this past weekend!

Summer School is off to a strong start. The kids love their tutors and I love having them engaged, happy and learning each morning.

I support education by having my kids (who are great) alongside your kids (who are also great) & providing supplemental earning opportunities to great teachers.

This costs my family a fraction of the private education track and benefits my community (links are to blog posts).

Some awesomeness… Younger Axel wrote a letter to Older Axel.

Lockdown life is what we make it.

Make it a good one.