Corona Diary 30 May 2020

Highlights of things that came across my radar over the last few days.

Riots and protests have started in many cities => mass unemployment, an Executive Branch led by someone who enjoys conflict, and the end of supplemental UI (July) is making for a volatile period.

Colorado => my home state’s testing, positives and hospitalization numbers continue to improve. Longform Politico article on our “early” reopening and link to state data sources. It is taking more tests to find less positives. Colorado publishes hospital resource tracking data.

Our local university offered a road map to Fall 2020. They are planning to reopen from August to Thanksgiving, then wait-and-see via remote learning. Professor G, no relation 😉 , had an interesting blog on the subject.

Vail Burton US Open cancelled for March 2021 => this is a big hit for the local economy.

The Federal Government sent me a preloaded debit card. I nearly threw it in the trash because it looked like a scam. I’ll be sending them the money back, as an income tax prepayment.

The Chinese did an end run on the HK Legislature by passing a top down “loyalty” law.

Lots of discussion about mail-in voting. We have it in Colorado, it works well and nobody seems to worry about it. There must more in the “voting security” debate than meets the eye. It’s a non-issue here.

SP500 went over 3,000 => up 35% from the bottom. I checked portfolios and didn’t need to rebalance => market values have been running up across the board.

Started a new training block called SF45 Alpha => I’m only using the strength component. The fitness part will come from hiking and cycling. Coach Rob pulled all his essays together – some fun reading for coaches, leaders and the generally hardcore.

Boulder has closed (a few) streets to support outdoor dining and get retail moving again => my wife tells me the new pedestrian areas look really good.

My daughter loved riding with her older “ride buddy” who’s a female racer.

Related, around the world there are skilled kids, and adults, in need of income and something to do. We are tapping local experts in sport, sewing and schooling.

Unemployment figures this week lifted the total over 40 million and the news didn’t crack my Twitter trends. I had to go looking. Incredible.

Our two youngest started a band => he’s on recorder and she’s on piano. Our oldest helped by writing the notes onto the piano. Band name => BAXEL. I’m told they rock hard.

My son started running our morning walk => just under 1km per loop, 1-2 loops per morning. Kid pacing, for sure. Full tilt right out of the gate. Big grin on his face.