Corona Diary 9 June 2020

June feels like we’re living through a key period in world history.

Senator Romney (R-UT) marched with protesters, tweeted a couple selfies and told a camera crew he was there because we need to say “Black Lives Matter.” Today, he’s working on a bipartisan bill for police reform.

Separate from the specifics of Sen. Romney’s actions, I was reminded of something I keep front-and-center in my marriage. You will only get a few chances to truly demonstrate your character. When you see the opportunity, take it.

I thought this advice for volatile times was well made:

Slow it down => far reaching legislation with 2nd/3rd order effects, defunding your police department, banning colleagues for ideological impurity… the flip side of the wisdom of crowds is the madness of crowds (wikipedia and book links).

Too many examples of mob mentality to list. A fascinating environment for studying our reactions under stress and how behavior changes as we scale ourselves (1 => 10 => 100 => 1,000…).

NYTimes – oped editor fired for allowing a United States Senator to write an opinion piece. One of our fundamental family values is everyone can speak, or not speak, as they see fit.

Different, but similar => many examples of Doublethink with crowds being OK so long as the individual feels “their” reason is just. Our elderly collective will pay the price for these individual choices.

All my mentors believe in forgiveness => as the energy comes out of this crisis, we should remind ourselves of the benefits of forgiveness.

The kids went to their first socially distant birthday party. They had a blast. I was told that Axel demolished the piñata.

Worth remembering, even if we aren’t perfect at social distancing… small reductions in R0 are useful.

Home Summer School is going well. Kids are having fun and enjoying the work required to improve themselves.

Axel’s Music teacher wrote him a note. An extract,

“What a strange trip to NYC I had! Going there – no hotels or restaurants were open yet. Coming back, they were open but we couldn’t stop in Cincinnati or Chicago as planned because of riots. I am personally counting on you three to help make our country better. “We Shall Overcome!” – Ms. O.

Science Fair topics are coming along.

  • Our youngest wanted to make a laser pointer cat toy. When I told her I don’t understand how to construct a laser, she was a bit disappointed. Instead, she will teach us about cats.
  • Our oldest continued her campaign for dog ownership, by saying she’d teach us about dogs.
  • Axel isn’t sure but thinks he might present on mountains.

Lots of reminders that kids are programed to follow what they see around them. Bella preparing snack, Axel working on his writing, Lexi riding bikes.

Colorado moving sideways at ~200 positives per day. Florida at 5x our rate. Arizona concerned their ICUs will be overwhelmed (they opened two weeks _after_ us). Alaska nearly got to zero but outbreaks in their fishing industry (faulty pre-trip quarantine protocols) have them rebounding.

Developing world blowing up

Brazil reported to have stopped updating data by order of their President. I think that’s going to get everyone with a Brazilian passport banned from emerging Green Zones.

A tweet on reopening Vegas:

Nasdaq closed at an all-time record yesterday. SP500 closed back at pre-COVID levels.

Despite everything happening outside my bubble, front page of the cyber-edition of our local paper was a dog rescue on a local trail – heat exhaustion – hope to see more of these sorts of stories. When I lived in New Zealand the national news would often carry similar stories. Simpler times.

What would make a second lockdown more enjoyable than the first? We’re taking steps to make ourselves even more robust. We don’t get to decide when we’re done with COVID.

Pools are open again. Huge for my wife. She’s at a local pool, with our kids, as I write. Pools are by reservation only.

After a couple weekend “on” electronics, I’ve decided I need my weekly time off.

I was thinking better and reading more with the weekly break.

Slow it down.