Corona Diary 8 July 2020

Two out of three joining the morning sessions now. After watching “Touch The Wall” our oldest is considering joining.

Doing these updates once a week seems to be enough to provide me with a record of developments and not get too wrapped up in the news cycle.

Under COVID, it’s particularly rewarding to find ways to improve.

Testing week for me, lifetime best for power clean / push press and nudged my bench best up by 5lbs from three weeks ago. I think I can safely do a bit better.

Time to move on to the next module => SF45 Bravo. I will be swapping back squat for bench squat in the next plan. The risk of injury with (solo) bench squat is too high for me.

Over in Aspen, a friend did the Triple Crown ride with his 15-year-old daughter. Independence Pass, Ashcroft and Maroon Bells => 88 miles and 8,000 vertical feet! It caught my eye for post-COVID goals with my oldest. We’ll have a vaccine deployed in three years, right?!

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Our political class won’t mention this because it will damage their own candidate.

Regardless of the winner of the election, by 2023, we are going to see the need for a constitutional amendment to cap the eligibility age for high office => might as well sort everything at once: President, Senate and Supreme Court.

To get it done, remember the history of the rule for a Natural Born for president. The Founders grandfathered the people who approved the rule. Link to that clause.

You can see the age of all our Presidents in this link.

In my lifetime,

  • Reagan was the most compromised at the end of his term, just before his 78th birthday.
  • Biden is 77 => gaffes at 77 are not the same as at 57.
  • My heart sank watching Trump (74) walk down the ramp at West Point.
  • Sanders (78) came close to the nomination, while having a heart attack in the primaries.

In Denver we are turning away patients at our free testing site because we are short on test supplies. 2,000 tests per day is the limit. I suspect our Governor will be on that in a hurry. Tests ran out at lunchtime yesterday.

Vail Mountain is open for the summer. I hear it is busy but not as busy as last year.

Positives are remaining subdued across the state. I’ll paste our testing/positivity data below. Here is the link to the source page.

You can see the growth that triggered the bars being closed again. Our experience is behind what I expected in late-April.

Starting to see a hospitalization uptick, perhaps.

With the virus blowing up in other parts of the US, we should have a clearer idea of the hospitalization rate for young people by the end of July.

I wouldn’t spend any emotional energy on wishing “things were less political” during a Presidential Election year. Everything is going to be political the entire year, and probably after. When people are scared, stressed and angry… tribal instincts increase. It’s the way we are wired.

That said, I’ve started taking notes for a piece on “What To Do?” I know a few members of the 1% and they have been asking themselves what actions they can take.

For you personally, my advice is simple => do something hard.

Take a small step, every single day, to improve yourself. There’s nothing tougher than overcoming ourselves.

In fact, there is a mantra I say when the kids overcome themselves, “We do tough things!

Not sure about which “tough thing?” What one thing, if it happened, would change everything? One small step, daily, in that direction.

Don’t feed the trolls => early last month, I dropped the three loudest people in my twitter feed. I kinda miss the excitement but I don’t miss the drama. For me, they failed the 30-day test.

White House is shifting from “it will blow over” to a “surrender and deal with it” posture. I’m glad we don’t run our military, or economy, with the strategic thinking we have seen from this administration.

COVID makes me wonder just how bad it’s gotten with our foreign policy.

Australia reported to be locking apart their most populous states => to control an outbreak in Melbourne.

With our statues under attack, I’m reminded of my time at Catholic High School and learning about the Jewish, Protestant, and Muslim dislike for idolatry.

On that topic, the President has a point, made poorly. Right now is not the time to focus ourselves on tearing down (society, ourselves, anyone who disagrees with us). We need to come together. Our collective life is going to get very difficult if the virus runs the table in the second half of this year.

Another point on the President – everybody (pro & con) knows who the guy is and he’s done exactly what he told us he’d do.

The morning after he was elected, I was asked what I thought and observed,

Air Force One, baby. He’s got no interest in government.

I thought this was an excellent idea. County level red alert system – helps keep our economy, and schools open:

Click to read the full thread – green zone concept – this is smart.

Activities by risk profile – so easy my 7-year old could grasp it.

PDF of the chart.

The freedom tweets (to pressure early re-opening) appear to have not aged well.

Each time I read someone ripping on Sweden, I remind myself… Many months to run and current views are not indicative of where we will end up.

Not sure I’ll remember the drama/debate over the hydroxychloroquine cocktail. It’s been flipping back and forth on a 4-6 week cycle. Useful vs not useful.

Like so much, I need to remind myself that I am not qualified to understand the debate.