What To Do

Yesterday’s adventure => James Peak, James Peak Wilderness.

These thoughts have been coming back to me for a couple months so I thought I’d write them down and send them on their way!

Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.

Regardless of what you believe, our collective actions have confirmed the above for two decades.

Likewise, if you claim to believe otherwise, but support people who act as if deficits don’t matter, then you should be more honest with yourself.

I figured my son would be tired after hiking a 14er earlier in the week. So I filled my pack with water to “get a workout.” At the summit, I poured it out – remembering my buddy Stu and my Grandmother.

Two tax cuts and a war choice, by the son of a man who raised taxes, brought the troops home and lost his re-election campaign.

For me, Bush 41 was the last President to act against his interest. Most the other Presidents, of my lifetime, made a choice to use the strength of the nation for their own interest.

This isn’t surprising, it’s the same dynamic we see in families and CEOs.

Economists call it an agency problem => when your personal interest conflicts with the needs of the nation, business or family => in the absence of well thought out systems, your personal interest wins out.

High in the the James Peak Wilderness Area. It’s a different crowd above treeline.

20 years of poor Federal habits have run into the Corona virus and wow!

The Federal Reserve/Federal Government are spending the nation’s capital like we are in the middle of World War Three.

So, are we, or aren’t we, …on a war footing.

We’re spending like we are in serious trouble but bickering about small details like we aren’t.

We need to make up our mind.

If we’re on a war footing then we should acknowledge it and take collective action: activate the reserves, mobilize our young people through selective service (the draft) and bring as many of the troops home as we can.

If selective service isn’t politically feasible then how about this… stop paying people for not working.

Instead => offer the nation’s unemployed, and under-employed, a job.

Each time I hike a backcountry trail, I’m reminded of the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Collectively, we could certainly use a Corona Crisis Corps to help our nation stay open.

Keep America open and, while we’re at it => offer our nation’s young people the opportunity to create something for their future.

Lots of flowers up high right now.