Corona Diary 15 July 2020

First tomatoes almost ready.

This week, I have been thinking about how tough it is to keep a population (and myself!) focused on the actions necessary to overcome an obstacle.

Regardless of your preferred leader, regardless of your beliefs => nationally, we haven’t defined the problem, let alone agreed on our course of action => the states are, however, trending closer to each other in their response to the virus.

Yesterday, saw all three in the basement with me – Core Circuit! That’s a cushion-igloo they made in the corner.

Andy’s thread putting the mind back in time and assessing our response based on the information available (in the past) was an interesting read. It gave me a nudge to go back to my earlier diaries and review how I was thinking.

I mentioned the liberate tweets last week but had forgotten when they occurred relative to our COVID journey.

Below is well-known virus quotes across time – it’s worth a read – we shaped the future we are living right now.

We will shape the future that’s coming towards us.

Our next major decision is the return to school. I’m watching what’s happening elsewhere and trying to avoid choosing until late-in-the-game.

In the news, about elsewhere, LA/SD public schools will be opening online only.

Our local university staff starting to get concerned about college kids infecting them. I learned about this through an open letter in our local paper.

Too much uncertainty to make any call on what things will look like in mid-August. This situation is unique. For 20+ years, I’ve had my life mapped forward on a rolling 12-month schedule.

Based on my April posts, we are doing much better than I expected. Below is what better looks like in Colorado.

It is like our governor has an early-warning system. Last week we re-closed the bars and, sure enough, our positives/hospitalizations have popped this week.

We’ve been told our state-wide R0 has gone over 1.0 and are getting clear recommendations on how to reduce:

  • Wash hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Drop interactions to 1/3rd of pre-COVID level, outside as much as possible

Cali did a major rollback of their re-opening program this past week.

Our President commuted the sentence of one of his cronies – some commentary about “Nixon not even doing that.” The comparisons to Nixon don’t ring true to me. Our President reminds me more of Bill Clinton. For younger readers, here is a link to Clinton’s pardon controversy.

Taleb wrote an article about Lebanon that had me thinking about the unintended consequences of the Federal Reserve’s debt buying program. Ponzi to Antifragility.

Saw a headline that the June deficit was $864 billion – went on the White House website to see how that month stacked up against other years. Pretty legit month.

I fear we will waste Trillions before we learn what the Kiwi’s, and East Asians, understood from the start.