You probably won’t end up with one of these in your closet if you pursue a balanced approach to sport.

I got a large eye roll when I told Monica that I’d been asked for some thoughts on balance. A moderate approach isn’t something I’m known for.

That said, I have some ideas that I’d like to pass along.

If you are going to lead an unbalanced life then you’re likely to know before you are 21. It’s going to appear in your temperament, your interests and your ER admissions.

You will serve your family well if you create alternatives for positive addiction => in yourself and everyone you live alongside.

So that’s my first tip => consider your alternatives.

Many “unbalanced” people have a history of highly unattractive alternatives.

Looking over from Mt Flora I caught my crew taking a selfie on an adjacent peak.

Here’s the pic they were taking. Mt Flora trail accessed from Berthoud Pass – a nice morning out.

In addition to alternatives, it is important to teach that there is zero personal cost from being considerate. In fact, you are likely to get more support, and freedom, in your quest-of-the-moment if you’re considerate to those around you.

#1 => Positive choices in which to place my personality.

#2 => An understanding that there’s no cost to consideration.

When I was hanging on (to my compulsion) so tightly that I was losing my ability to be considerate… I was giving away performance.

We started by hiking over Colorado Mines Peak. You can see the towers above my son’s head. A nice warm-up, two miles straight up from our parking spot.

What the heck does balance even mean?!

When I think about it, I can it take to two different ways.

Internal balance => serenity => yes please!

External balance => as a young adult, this would trend towards a desire to win at everything I touch.

  • Not going to happen, when performance matters, I need to make choices.
  • Extremely counterproductive when I try to “win” at my bad habits.

Some trippy clouds above Mt Flora.

In seeking that internal balance => serenity => being OK with the direction I’m heading:

  • Repeat the week – seek control of a simple schedule
  • Seek mastery – there’s satisfaction to be found in overcoming one’s self
  • Keep promises, most importantly to myself
  • Say no to non-core, most importantly to myself

Trust me about the ER admissions – that’s a clear sign somebody needs better choices, a change in peer group and a new direction.

Every morning is an opportunity for better.