Remembering Kev

Shortly after this picture was taken, the shirts came off and the competitive tanning began.

One of my best friends died last week. I’ve been thinking about him, a lot.

First up, what a beautiful legacy.

Over 20 years, every single interaction I had with him was positive. Much of what I teach my kids, I learned from him.

Del Mar Beach – the workout that started my trip across America

A question I often ask myself, “what remains undone?” My list is pretty short => teach my kids to teach themselves. In his life, Kev got to see that goal achieved and much, much more.

Racing for joy in NZ.

Some KP-isms…

When I was worked up over the ethical lapses of someone other than myself… “Of course, you’re right but you might feel different about that later.”

When he wanted to do a crazy number of Ironman races and I objected. “I hear you but I need to do it now.”

In response to my focus on always building competence (A.B.C.), “That’s a good one. I think building confidence is even better.”

Kev’s pattern was listen, agree, then share a very simple idea and… leave it right there.

Very early in our friendship, I was worked up over something. He reached out and shared a quote from a book I’d recommended to him… do your work and stand back. He was always preparing me for my next step.

Trying to get some oxygen to his head while having dinner at 10,000 ft in the Colorado Rockies. Quincy’s in Leadville. Day 8 (?) of Epic Camp Colorado.

My last interaction with Kev was an email he sent me talking about a massive bowl he’d found online. There was a period of our lives when we were training so much that we stopped using plates and shifted to pots / mixing bowls. For 15+ years, he’d chuckle to himself each time he saw a particularly fine bowl.

Bowl, pot and KP in the same frame! Circa 2004. Related… a quote from a dinner my wife made for him… “This food is so delicious, I’m going to chew!”

I have so many great memories – we did some seriously crazy stuff.

Kev once promised to run through a wall “if that’s what it takes” – I never asked him to do that but I was involved in…

A 100 rep squat set – I’d heard about “muscle breakdown training” at the Olympic Training Center and he volunteered to give it a shot. The protocol didn’t catch on…

The Mt Evans weigh-in before the TT. I tried to even the playing field, sorta, for the bigger dudes. If that bike frame could talk!

A Salton Sea loop when it was 110F in the shade – I wish I’d been on that ride as a better understanding of the insanity of my heat camp training program might have saved a mutual friend from a serious bout of overtraining syndrome.

Couple of my bros in Kona. The big guy’s not even flexing => rocking the mutant turtle look.

Riding up Arthur’s Pass (West Side!) in a rain storm with running shoes tucked in the back of our jerseys. “We ride and if we can’t ride, we walk it in.”

One of KP’s happiest moments on a bicycle. Dropping two IM champions and one IM world champion. Gotta get those KOM points!

How to remember Kev?

Riding in the desert, shirt-free and his hair blowing in the wind.

Love you buddy.

We’ll take it from here.