Local School and COVID Update

Our state data gives you the “why” – source data here

We managed four weeks of hybrid school for the kids. Next week, we’re back to online education.

Unfortunately, the virus infected enough people that our district is not going to be able to staff the schools (a mix of quarantines and infections).

With the announcement, we reached out to our summer tutors and swim coaches. I have a hunch “kid stuff” will be limited over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It’s back to continuously rolling a little bit of home school six-days-a-week.

All up, we managed six days with all three kids out of the house. That little bit of school was a big help to us, and the kids. I’m glad the district gave it a shot.

8 month anniversary of Colorado-COVID is tomorrow.

The kids loved their return to in-person learning. Social distancing, masks and other safety measures were a non-issue.

My daughter asked me how I thought her mother was doing. It gave me a chance to introduce the concept of resilience.

Sweetie, she’s not always feeling good but she’s made a decision to move forward, regardless of how she’s feeling.

My wife spent her college years in Wisconsin. Most winter mornings, she’d trudge to the pool, in the dark, and keep moving forward.

Waking up early to train before school is good practice for life.

Last weekend, saw the return of college football. I think UCLA was in town.

Who’s idea was that?

The university administration had a “safety first” policy and restricted stadium admission to less than 1,000. I’m guessing it was boosters sipping drinks in private suites. Not sure, though.

Now, what do you think happened?

Well, our collegiate neighbors backed up the previous week’s underground Halloween parties with a strong session of day drinking (SKO Buffs!). Hundreds of mask-free college kids strolled the neighborhood.

We haven’t been doing a good job of setting priorities and protecting ourselves, from ourselves.

With everything that’s gone down in the last 14 days, we’re doing great. I had exposure to a dozen households over the five-day block following Andy’s death. So far, nobody’s been symptomatic.

The vaccine news cheered me up.

I’m sure that I’ll be tempted to go back to “normal” when COVID clears.

The main thing I miss is traveling to visit friends and family.