Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

Changing gears from finance this week.

This is a really fun read. Rory’s style made me realize how much I missed both the UK and my pals in advertising. I loved my time in London and he brought back many good memories.

One of the most useful things about folks-like-Rory is they focus on what works. Rory’s book is packed with entertaining examples of things that work, but aren’t logical.

The more linear your thinking, the more you’ll benefit from this book. I needed to be reminded of the lessons inside.

Also – pay close attention to the layout of the hard cover version, especially his use of headers/font/footnotes/icons. The presentation is best in class.

Source – county level data

In personal news…

Boulder County is one of the least infected places in the state. The college kids came back and our positives have continued to decline. It’s winter, most aren’t wearing masks in the neighborhood and… nothing, go figure.

COVID defies prediction.

Source – state level data

Our school district is looking to get the middle/high schoolers back to 4-days a week (from 2) after March Break. So starting March 29th. Schools open for students, luxury.

Personally, I think we should be opening up a little quicker but support the delay to give more time to get the most vulnerable a chance to get vaccinated.

Based on my peer group, there is some connected-party vaccination happening in priority to our at-risk population. It’s the most simple way to explain the disconnect between doses into our community and the continued waitlist for the 70+ population.

I was happy to read about teachers getting vaccinated direct from their school district.

My wife learned to uphill so we could spend more time together. Appreciated!

A bump in my training load (my first “real” training since September), means my 3:45am wake up has proven unsustainable.

With my daughter’s evening swim practices, I was having to double-nap (most days) to make it through the week.

I shifted to 4:30am starting last Saturday, luxury.

Such. A. Great. Kid.

As this publishes, I will be heading to Arapahoe Basin to see if the Steep Gullies will go. Our first venture into hike-back terrain, we brought our skins.

Hopefully, you get a chance to be outside this week.

Enjoy 2021.