Starting Fresh at 53

15 years ago, I was trying to hang with my elite competition.
These days, my focus is keeping up with this guy.
My training partner reminds me of my younger self.

What one thing, if it happened, would change everything?

Love, fitness, health, vanity, wealth, connection, mastery, purpose…

My adult life has been a series of “One Things”

Three tactics to help you with your goals.


Know Your Blindsports

My list is simple: recovery and running injury prevention.

I can’t see my blindspots and have habits that lead me to the same mistakes.


Get Outside Expertise

It could be a book…

Experts put their best stuff in their books

It could be a device…

Make Mistakes Visible
My metrics make my errors obvious

It could be new relationships…

I wrote about how I met Joe Friel and changed the direction of my life.

Since my return to engaging with you, a similar thing has been happening.

Opportunity has been knocking.

Be open to engagement, embrace opportunity when it comes knocking.

All of the above require knowing where we want to go.

Unsure where to focus? Jim’s series on the Thinker & the Prover is a great place to start.

What’s your One Thing?

Write it down – even better, write ten things down.