Admission Essay on Goals and Aspirations

Briefly discuss how your family, school, neighborhood, and background have impacted your educational goals and aspirations. 

Since graduating from McGill University in 1990, I have pursued overlapping careers in finance, business and elite athletics. Working in these fields, I’ve seen ethical compromises made in the name of “success.” I’ve seen how different societies are structured so that good people can create unjust results.

The pivotal events in my life involved a choice when faced with deeply embedded corruption. Rather than fight, my choice has been to change direction and find a new community. I’ve left a marriage, a private-equity firm, a friendship and a sport to remain true to my personal ethics. These decisions have caused short-term pain but generated long-term satisfaction.

Over the last year, I’ve looked deeply and considered the most honorable people in my life. This circle of friends, and mentors, is dominated by doctors. The most honorable acts that I’ve witnessed have been doctors helping strangers. I’m aware of the ethical dilemmas due to Big Pharma, reimbursement incentives and liability avoidance. Notwithstanding these challenges, the most compassionate people in my life are physicians.

Coming out of high school in 1986, science was the road not taken. Influenced by my times, I enrolled in a business program and pursed personal profit. I enjoyed success, while learning that the pursuit of money lacks deeper meaning. 

My goal is to discover if an aptitude remains for a career in medicine. My aspiration is to combine my business background with medical knowledge and improve the delivery of healthcare in the State of Colorado.