What’s Going Well

When things get a little tense at home, I know that I can wait a couple days and my wife/kids will forgive me. In fact, they do an excellent job of forgiving me each morning when they wake up.

For me, forgiveness is one of the best lessons from little kids.

I’ve been carrying the past into the present with my daughter. Monday’s blog is a good example.

My life experience is created by where I focus. It’s July and I continue to focus outside elite sport. Too many lies, and secret lives, for me to enjoy the present.

To balance the past at home, I went for an easy run and thought about everything that’s going right with my daughter:

She helps others experience love
She has a ton of energy
She tries new things
She makes me laugh
She can swim all four strokes
She can stay in my bike trailer for four hours
She travels well
She’s polite to all my friends and family
She’s non violent
She rides a bike
She eats healthy and almost everything
She’s healthy
She’s intelligent
She’s kind to other people
She’s outgoing

I’m at a park listening to a Dad scream at his little girl and swear at his son as I write this. We’re getting a lot right at home.

So much to be grateful for.