The Dad Abides

Best advice from the smart women (and one man) that have been helping me navigate fatherhood.

Roll With It – my 30 years of writing are a shrine to over thinking.

Don’t Postpone Joy – it’s OK to have fun, love each other and enjoy time together – this balances the inevitable periods of difficulty as we learn to live together.

Success Is Love – I have friends that have become successful adults despite growing up in crazy home environments. Across the insanity of their home lives was a deep understanding that they were loved.

Don’t Act on Anger – it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of being angry at my anger. It’s a lot more useful to make a habit of not acting on negative emotions. Deciding that I don’t yell, don’t hit, don’t respond… creates a habit that gets ingrained over time. 

Balance life with mindfulness – the crazier my home life becomes, the more valuable my mindfulness practices become. I need to take responsibility for creating space in my schedule, serenity in my mind and removing unnecessary sources of noise. This keeps me off autopilot, when I am at risk of acting on anger or creating a habit of self-pity and misery.

See Me Beautiful – there are times when it’s easier for me to see the beauty in kittens, puppies and nature than my kids. I was given a copy of this slogan and stuck it beside two favorite pictures of my kids. I see the slogan many times a day. When I see the beauty in my kids (and my wife) the love flows naturally, without effort.

Share Adventure with the one’s you love. Create memories of sharing joy.