Getting Kids To Draw

Here’s a tip that buys me an hour when I switch the electronics off.

We visit Google Images and I let the kids pick out their own picture to color – make sure you include “coloring pages” at the end of whatever you want to draw. The picture below is “hippo coloring pages”


I’ll let my son stand on my desk and touch the photo that he wants. He can’t believe that he gets to stand on my desk and touch the screen. Happy and excited is good.

Then he grabs the picture from the printer and I set him up at his coloring station.

Kids that are really clingy will do best with a coloring station in your office, or kitchen (depending on what you need to get done).

The coloring stations are set up apart but the kids can color together if they choose. Some days they want to be alone, other days they are OK together.

With older kids, they seem to like a mix of their own drawing and coloring. My daughter loves to make other people cards with words that we spell together.

All kids love pictures that I draw for them. I take full advantage of being able to impress my two-year old…

Gordo Hippo

A little bit of effort on my part keeps me from melting our minds by having Disney’s Frozen on endless loop.

Do you want to build a snowman?