Corona Diary 16 March 2020

2020-03-16 10.49.45

Told Monica I expected a limit down open (off 5%). Got that, and more across the day.

Fed cuts rates to 0%. Didn’t think that would matter, and it didn’t.

My view, total US lockdown by the end of the month

Sending our aupair back to Sweden, if she can get there – perhaps via Canada (nope, they locked down). Decision was simple once we each asked ourselves… where would I like to be? Home, naturally.

Kids being home schooled, we’ve self isolated since Thursday but there are interactions that have happened since then. Won’t get a true lockdown until this evening when Monica returns from the airport.

My To Do:

  • Get on iPads
  • Get on iPads
  • Get the anti coloring book app
  • Week’s worth of clothes packed in a ready bag
  • Cars gassed up

Kids love homeschool, which we are calling Daddy School, or Corona School amongst ourselves.

Lexi designed our first day. We started late because the kids were making cards for Moa, our aupair.

Kinda crazy teaching kids, searching flights and rebalancing into a plummeting market.

I expect the US will be locked down internal/external and tourists told to go home. If I had to guess then by next Monday.

Things are moving extremely fast. Choices that seemed extreme four days ago, now seem to have been prudent.

Eagle County still rationing testing, but have improved their message. Hope Colorado’s director of public health checks out how South Korea slowed the spread. There must be a shortage of testing capacity. Monica saw plenty of people out at Vail Pass yesterday when she drove home. People partying in Downtown Nashville. That’s going to change once American deaths tick up.

We tend to under-react then over-react => remember 9/11.

Axel’s recess, and lunch break activity, was football with me – his idea of heaven.

Pack City, UT taking this serious // note this action was taken after the FIRST community positive =>

Vail still open as far as I know. Significant public health failure on their part but completely understandable to try to get through Spring Break and avoid certain financial pain. It’s going to be so much worse, unfortunately.

Asians would have the national guard taking temperatures at Vail Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel. The high-country is easy to lock down.

Rebalancing again, the numbers were dropping faster than I could update my spreadsheet

2020-03-16 10.50.43

Monica ran a baking “special” during school – huge hit and the kids handled all the clean up. Lots of Home-Econ coming their way.

I think we are going to see Europe and the USA lockdown. I have no idea what that’s going to mean for the world. Definitely, not good economically and I have no idea what happens when you shut down that much economic activity.

Canada shut it’s border to everyone other than residents, citizens and US residents/Green Card. Australia/NZ/Israel 14-day isolation for arrivals – we’re all heading that way. That’s why I made it super easy for our aupair to go home. She was due to finish early May anyone. Now, we are officially on our own.

Writing assignment for the kids was a description of the first day of home school – Lexi wrote fiction, others discussed my delicious pancakes! They’re happy in their own world. We read the stories to each other. It was nice.

Our aupair was in Florida, she didn’t bring her passport with her. In the time it took her to get back to Colorado, Denmark/Canada/Norway closed borders. Big effort to try to get her out of USA. Monica spent the day at the airport. Still there as I post this. In the end got a cheap flight ($611) to get her home. Hope the plane takes off back to Europe.

Beautiful day here in Boulder. Axel and I played football on the upper field of Flatirons Elementary. Just a few people walking around. Nobody using the field, perhaps we’re not supposed to be there.

Anything highly leveraged is toast. Business activity will be going straight off a cliff. Doing what I can for small local businesses – how will they make rent if they can’t open? Romney recommending $1,000 UBI for every adult in the USA. Airlines asking for $50 billion.

SP500 is just about 30% down from the peak. Sale of a lifetime. I expect financial markets to fall much further.