Corona Diary 24 March 2020

2020-03-23 09.46.28

State News

Our governor has established a Colorado National Guard mobile medical testing team. Great move. They were in Montrose yesterday. Thank you.

Denver City and County under a stay-at-home order through April 10th – link is to PDF of the order.

Bit of a snafu with initial implementation when the entire county (just about) lined up at liquor stores to stock up. An amendment was issued shortly thereafter, defining liquor stores as “essential” and the lines vaporized.

Colorado hospitalization rate is 10% of positives, lower than the >=20% I have read elsewhere. This is an important data point because we’ve been following a narrow testing protocol => you need to be sick (first) to get a test (second).

A good article explaining asymptomatic carriers.



2020-03-23 19.42.53.jpg

The city decided to light our Christmas Star to perk people up. Great idea, the star is on the side of Flagstaff Mountain – LED bulbs, powered by renewable energy, naturally. We can see it from our bedroom.

Local grocery has senior hour 7-8am every morning with plastic screens to protect cashiers from customers.


Home Life

Kids had 48-hours with limited fresh stuff – they really appreciated the shop. Everyone’s energy is better with fresh food. For now, it is worth the small risk for a weekly-reload.

2020-03-23 12.11.16

Here’s the pizza recipe we used during Home School.

2020-03-22 18.35.08.jpg

We got out of the box for a bike ride. Ax-man stood on his BMX the entire time, full face helmet & body armor.

2020-03-23 10.18.59.jpg

Came home from a neighborhood stroll and the kids were cleaning the house?! They did the entire thing, top to bottom. Wish I could take them out for ice cream.

Movie night was Onward (Amazon Prime) – Commonsense Media gave it 4-stars, we gave it 3-stars. The premise “visit your dead Dad” was emotionally charged for me. I kept tearing up!


Home School

We’re on a three-one cycle for home school. Yesterday was an “off day” from home school => our project was garage clean out.

2020-03-23 13.49.11.jpg

Now that the kids have been assessed on Education.Com, we started lessons plans to strengthen gaps. Axel loved the animated lesson plan.

2020-03-24 08.55.42.jpg

Lexi working on word problems that are a combination of metric system and fractions. Example => The baby grows 125 grams a day, it weighs 8 kilograms, how many days has it been growing? Make a fraction, simplify then multiply or divide to get the answer.

We can’t use iPads for Lexi’s online work because it’s blowing up with messages! I logged her back into messaging once her anxiety settled down and she stopped “accidentally” hurting her siblings. Here’s her home workspace…

2020-03-24 09.15.52.jpg

The kids use Chrome, signed into my Chrome sync account, this lets me see what everyone is up to.

Note in the picture of Lexi’s office, the screen is visible to the “teacher.”

An hour of math is too long for our 7 year old. I keep an ongoing coloring project going and swap her out after half an hour.

Our youngest tested out of Grade One math so we started Grade Two. We’re using this book right now => cheaper at CostCo than the Amazon link.

2020-03-24 09.04.15.jpg

Market Thoughts

Grim reading can be found in the financial press.

I bought again, yesterday.

I found myself asking, “Do I really want to do this?” before I clicked submit on Vanguard.Com

Another thought I had, later… “I don’t want to be sitting in bonds after the US Government tosses $3,000,000,000,000 into the economy.”

Next rebalance point is 40% down, just above 2,000 SP500.


PS – market up 7% this morning, crazy times