Corona Diary 15 April 2020

2020-04-14 18.46.25

The half birthday party was a great idea. We had a blast.

Stuck at home with a toddler? Buy yourself a wading pool and a bubble machine => these things are going to sell out FAST once the weather warms up.

Florida designated pro wresting as an essential business.

Tour de France postponed – I don’t see how the event happens this year. Time will tell.

Ikon Pass offered an extra $100 for early pass renewals => effectively a price cut. Made it retroactive for anyone that had signed up in advance.

I don’t see any way we get a full season in Colorado (2020/2021). Still, I think I’ll get enough skiing to justify a pass. Some bullets on skiing:

  1. Ski passes represent ~5% of my ski season expenditure
  2. The largest line item is our seasonal rental => not going to do that next season
  3. Mentally, I’ve canceled all my out of state travel plans
  4. Will only buy one pass => usually buy at least two
  5. I do not expect to sign my kids up for their ski group
  6. Absent Corona immunity for my wife and me, I do not expect to use a locker room, visit restaurants or ride any gondolas

1-5 is a lot of money for me => roughly equal to my lockdown cost of living.

Calculations like these are happening across the economy.

I am watching the banks release their consumer and small business lending statistics => with only a few weeks of lockdown I’m seeing big increases in deferrals and arrears.

2020-04-14 17.39.00

Howard Marks’ latest => bottom line, nobody knows nothing about the future => you can safely ignore 98% of the media => tailor your feed to a small number of believable individuals => the media companies are filled with noise and constantly contradicting themselves.

A champion athlete did a “lockdown” Ironman (3.8K swim, 180K bike, 42K run) to raise money for health care providers => great idea. Let’s call it “Jan-Strong.” 😉

I’ve asked my school district if my kids will have access to their online resources across the summer. You should find out for your own family. This is an HUGE equity issue for the large number of families that are going to be cash strapped this summer.

My goal is to limit the amount the kids will forget with a FIVE month break from proper school.

Solo? What are you learning? Now is a good time for some online education. I have a buddy studying Hebrew and ukulele! Quite the selection and why not?!

A little bit of daily learning can go a long way, especially with the multi-year time horizons I hear discussed.

I feel like I am getting used to lockdown. I wonder if I’m still lit up cognitively. I wish there was a test I could administer to know if I’m still thinking poorly.

This morning we found out the district will shut down our school for the rest of the year. It is a special situation as we’re using bond funds to rebuild our school over the summer. An extra 4-6 weeks of project time will be very useful in the current environment.

My son was STOKED to hear that home school would continue!

My wife? She was less stoked.

Stay strong!

2020-04-14 18.43.35