Corona Diary 16 April 2020

2020-04-15 16.38.40

Snow day today => yesterday was a beauty – see above.

Our principal is chasing if our kids will have access to their online resources across the summer – iReady, RazKids, Newslea, Google Hangouts, Brain Pop…

Friends in my neighborhood, with a video doorbells, are recording thieves trying their doors in daylight and when they are home. Freaking folks out a bit. So far, a lock is all it takes to have them move along to the next door. Police have increased patrols but the thieves look like clean cut, young adults with corona-masks on – near impossible to spot them.

Emirates airline announced rapid pre-flight testing – great idea – could save the long haul flight industry if this proves effective: Emirates Airline Begins Conducting Rapid COVID-19 Tests For Boarding Passengers : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR

This reminds me that the Federal response (crappy / awesome depending on your political affiliation) will be overridden by the actions of large corporates acting in their self interest.

2020-04-15 14.37.30

I doubt the heartland has the ability to endure another month of lockdown => unemployment is off the charts, think about the people that haven’t been able to apply, who didn’t bother to apply and who rely on those who did apply.

Mind-blowing amount of hardship => 50 million including the dependents? more?

Michigan’s protest – several thousand cars in Lanzing – 25% unemployment, before this week’s additions – calling for a regional approach inside the state – 28,000 cases and 1,900 deaths much worse than Colorado – they have 10 million population vs just under 6 million for us.

Michigan Stay-At-Home Order Prompts Honking, Traffic-Jam Protest : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR

Once cities, regions, states get themselves settled there will be huge grassroots pressure for isolation. Still not much talk about shutting down interstate travel. Our governor published his game plan yesterday = sounds similar to a video I saw of Merkel in Germany. Focus on keeping transmission ratio under 1.

2020-04-15 14.37.46

Kids LOVED this movie last night: The Adventure of A.R.I. : my robot friend

Parents, if you want an idea of how your son wants to be seen by you then pay attention to “the dog with the red bandana” in The Secret Life of Pets 2. Maybe your husband too… 😉

2020-04-15 14.37.08

Whether you’re an optimist, or a pessimist, your mind will tell you that you saw it coming!

Australia extended lockdown by four weeks, UK by three weeks.

Singapore saw highest day of positives early in it’s second wave lockdown:

NPR had an answer to my question, yesterday, about thinking better:

How To Manage Coronavirus Anxiety: Life Kit : NPR

A friend asked me about Gold. We did a review pre virus:

  • Couldn’t get comfortable with ability to use it in zombie apocalypse – some argue silver coins address this point – silver too heavy for a material holding
  • Felt, absent zombie apocalypse, we’d be better off in other asset classes (cash generative local real estate in prime locations, mixed with Vanguard portfolios)
  • Didn’t feel gold was the best way to meet the benefits we hear associated with holding gold
  • Virus crisis drove the above home to me // specifically, access to CostCo, Walmart and a Home Gym are more useful than a unibomber shack, bag of seeds, shotgun and steel box of gold coins.
  • My opinion is skewed by living in the middle of the American Empire – I might feel differently if I lived somewhere else – in that case, I’d focus on an exit strategy rather than building assets (that are easily taken from me).

22 million unemployed – I wonder what the multiplier is for dependents and people unable to apply?

Interesting insight, the two countries that know China best (HK and Taiwan) ignored the WHO, closed borders early and screened travelers aggressively.

Bezos shareholder letter if you’re interested.

Another snow day here! Good accumulations – kids will be building a snow shelter for PE.

My training program had “a hint of speed” today. Ax-man’s first time on a treadmill and the fastest I’ve moved in about a decade!

2020-04-16 07.56.43

Finally, even our cat has a schedule these days…

2020-04-15 13.46.42