Corona Diary 17 April 2020

2020-04-17 08.08.09

NY lockdown extended to May 15th => we’re at 35 days, that would take us up to 63 days.

Close Quarters reminder, when you’re getting fed up, don’t overlap. We needed a couple of days with less overlapping. The storms this week threw me off my game!

Our PE teacher, BJJ Black Belt, lives nearby – gave the kids his # in case something goes down and they need immediate back-up – great guy.

Thinking about theft

  • I realized that I didn’t have anything I’d miss at home. It’s one of the benefits of focusing on an outdoor life.
  • We have an all-risks policy for a couple of items and comprehensive coverage on our Yukon.
  • My life operates on the cloud so there isn’t even a concern over losing my hard drive => a legacy worry from early in my career.

Daughters are a gift.

2020-04-16 18.11.45

The Trickle Up Depression

I saw some stats on “ability to work at home” by demographic. I hadn’t focused on it.

  • Consider the economy in 20% tiers
  • Consider wealth across those same tiers
  • Consider unemployment rates by 20% tiers

Early in a downward cycle, it is straightforward for the managerial class to make large visible sacrifices. The senior professional class has been making ~$1,500 per hour for the last decade.

As the crisis continues, and you’ve cut your employees, with compensation rates 95-99% lower than your own, you need to start “looking around the table.”

When we get to that phase, you’ll see asset prices step down.

This is what I saw in Asia in the 90s.


This morning’s training session was #25 in my current plan.

I’m halfway through my 10-week Big Mountain training program and who knows how far through my first stay-at-home period.

The program is challenging and it’s a meaningful achievement to me.

Where are your wins?


More Chinese data discussion in the news.

Best response… worrying about lying is the least of their leadership’s concerns.

Not just them, I imagine.