Corona Diary 21 April 2020

2020-04-19 15.49.11

Feds announced an executive order suspending immigration. I expected this as a political move, not for virus control.

Probably more useful things for the Feds to focus on => this will play well with their base.


Slide deck of first principles from Taleb’s writing:

2020-04-21 04.36.42

Above => Ax-man’s latest work in progress => Baby Yoda!


Singapore is getting press for virus positives “exploding” but look deeper into whom, and where, the positives are happening. Visiting laborers, living in dorms.

Migrant, disenfranchised labor is something common to many parts of the world, and consciously disregarded by most people. Asia/Middle East use a lot of this labor for their construction industries. Here in the US, it’s our agricultural sector.

Boulder has been pro-active with protecting the homeless, and ourselves, from bottom up epidemics. US seeing outbreaks in prisons and meat packing plants.

Everywhere with dense, dormitory housing is vulnerable.


I cancelled NetBricks.Org => they’re completely overloaded => reminded me of Yogi Berra => nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded


Sold a little bit of US Equities (VTSAX) yesterday to rebalance after last week’s run up.


An Israeli friend mentioned to my wife that she’s amazed the US isn’t using it’s military to assist with virus logistics.

This surprises me => in an election year, the Commander in Chief using the military to visibly help the nation would play well. Maybe it’s happening and I didn’t notice.

Here in Colorado the Governor is using the National Guard to assist with testing.


Week Six of remote learning:

  • WAY too much screen time for my kids => I have greatly reduced the use of screens on the days I run myself => Saturdays and any professional days, of which we just had two (Fri/Mon)
  • Impact of all this screen time is an inability for me to properly monitor my kids online => example being tweens “facetiming” but really doing joint surfing sessions on youtube watching sex videos.

A reminder why we don’t allow electronics use behind closed doors.

2020-04-20 06.57.17

Above => Havoc Journal challenges my blindspots and biases.


Our governor announced his roadmap for reopening.

As I expected, we’re going to reopen with positives having plateau’d, but not declining for 14 days as recommended in the Roadmap for Governors

I am going to act as if we will have our second lockdown in June.

As a result, I’m not going to sign up for any early summer camps for my kids. Instead, I’ll hire unemployed coaches/teachers to supplement “The Byrn Academy of Personal Excellence”.

I’ve written off all my early camp sign-ups, travel plans and prepayments of any sort. Whenever I get a refund, it’s a pleasant surprise.


Our school district closed all schools for the rest of the academic year. We heard Texas and Florida did the same.


The president’s liberation tweets got a fair amount of press.

The liberation episode reminded me of Bush 43 being a uniter, not a divider => famous quote from 2000 election.


Oil went negative in a squeeze related to the May contract.


We eat a lot of grapes…

2020-04-20 12.01.22

…and (some of us) drink a lot of celery juice (see over shoulder, above).

Eating healthy helps.

So does strength training…

2020-04-21 05.04.52

My wife woke up to the sound of her man pounding iron in the basement.

Bench press and hinge lift were featured.

Stay strong.