Corona Diary 22 April 2020

2020-04-22 10.07.36

Below is a useful graphic from our state government about the process of reopening Colorado.

We’ve been told to expect to move along a spectrum: (a) Stay at Home; (b) Safer at Home; and (c) Protect Our Neighbors.


I like the way they’ve framed the chart. Note the two lines at the bottom of the chart and the arrow pointing both directions.

More graphics to facilitate discussions at home are here.

PE Idea – word of the day – it is an A to Z of activity. Ax-man rolled the entire alphabet at recess.

Teachers packing up the classroom today – Monz and Axel did a drive by – Bella wrote goodbye letters to staff and teachers. We pick up gear on Friday.

2020-04-22 10.09.32

Kids are well rested and up early most days. So this morning we planted seeds for indoor sprouting => cucumber, kale, bell pepper, tomato and pumpkin.

Last spring frost is ~May 9th for us.


Virus Stuff

Seeing discussion about the math underlying estimates of community exposure rates. Two things I learned very early in my private equity career: (a) hardly anyone understands math; and (b) show your work.

Professionally, you leave yourself very exposed when you use other people’s models. I always built my own, as simple as possible.

Some very experienced professionals are going be humbled.


Central quarantine is getting press – the ability to offer a safe place to recover from the virus, away from family/housemates, so you don’t infect your household.

When a dormitory, meat packing plant or prison blows up with infections => a lack of safe, central quarantine can be a likely factor. See yesterday’s link on Singapore.

I think Denver has built a facility along these lines – basically a field hospital with limited services. More things the state is doing can be seen here.

For asymptomatic folks, exposed and waiting to see what happens, there are a lot of empty hotel rooms around.

Something to watch as we head towards the next academic school year.