Corona Diary 29 April 2020

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Yesterday, we watched Adventures in Babysitting (2016 version) and my wife treated us to Taco Tuesday.

We had fun!

I even ate a taco.

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My left hamstring is smashed from my program => this morning was 72 minutes of feeling amazing then 18 minutes of damage control.  So far, I have recovered quickly from my niggles.

I’ve been reminding myself that no one cried on Friday!



Not surprised by this one…

Japan’s Abe Says No Tokyo Olympics Next Year Unless COVID-19 Can Be Contained : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR


A very useful reminder.

For me, writing is the first step toward making my mistakes more visible.

Once I can see mistakes, I can start to figure out how to replace habits and avoid certain situations.

Historically, replacement/avoidance works a whole lot better than seeking to transcend myself.


The linked thread is a quick read on the role of central quarantine in Asia.

Click the date above for the full thread. The most useful part was the explanation of why keeping slightly sick people home is a bad idea.

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Colorado is slowly opening with ongoing community spread within a highly connected state/country. I expect we will need a form of central quarantine.

…but I could be wrong.

My expectation was wrong about Florida (links to their DOH dashboard). So far, Florida appears to have grown slower than our experience in Colorado => they have more than 5x our 65+ population (Kaiser Demographics).

My expectation about our rate of hospitalization was also wrong. It’s been growing slower than our positives for the last ten days. A fact pointed out by our governor at yesterday’s press conference.

You can track our hospital data here. The State is tracking capacity for ICU beds, staffing and ventilators. They also track discharges vs admissions.


The pic in the tweet below shows the layout of a 20-person dorm room.

Picture a thousand of these dorm rooms, in close proximity, and you can see how the virus might blow up quickly.

I wonder where we have dormitory housing in Colorado and the US.

A buddy in Eagle County said he felt employee housing was a key risk in the high country.


Free testing for the next two days at our local university. A short walk from where I live.

Testing is getting a lot of attention by our State Government and with the Governor’s press conferences.

I saw a picture of Vail’s mayor (now recovered), donating blood so his plasma could be used to help others. The link is to an article about a mobile collection center set up in Colorado’s hottest hotspot, now considerably cooler in terms of rate of daily positives.

Colorado & Nevada joined the Western States coalition with Washington, Oregon and California.


An interesting idea => certain universities have the capacity to create on-campus testing, trace and isolation.

We’re going to see a lot of creative experimentation as we iterate across the next year.


We remain under a stay-at-home order => extending to what will be Day 56, for us.

If I was unemployed, with three kids, looking at a cash flow projection showing I’m about to be completely screwed… lockdown would be wearing thin and I’d be demanding the right to take personal risk to care for my family.

Meanwhile, I will keep grinding and figure out a family project for the weekend.

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First sprouts of the 2020 growing season!