This is lockdown

2020-04-29 16.00.51

One of the questions I see in the news.

Are we willing to accept a lower standard of living to have a more robust society?

That’s a lot of faulty thinking packed into 16 words.

The question is asked with regard to securing masks and protective equipment.

Most of us aren’t making buying decisions for our nation’s strategic stockpile. Instead, we make daily choices, with the potential to make our lives miserable, if we don’t pay attention to them.

Somewhere inside the middle of our connections is a default position on a host of issues.

  • More vs Less
  • Time cost of money
  • The true, largely emotional, cost of possessions
  • The value of the ability to control our schedules
  • What is right

Usually, it is difficult to see how deeply our default positions penetrate our lives.

These are not usual times!

April was a month where every single one of us was stress tested.

  • Defining Success: How did you do?
  • Relationships: What about your marriage? Your family? Your kids?
  • Mistakes: What mistakes did you make? Can you own your mistakes, even in public?
  • Lack: On the toughest days, what was lacking?

Resist the urge to point the finger outwards, too much of that happening.

How did you do?

April took a lot of “things” away from us.

Under a high level of stress we fell into our deepest patterns.

What did you notice?

If you’d described April 2020 to me in 2019 then I would have predicted misery.

Misery, with absolute certainty.

Yet, I wasn’t any more miserable than usual.

I’m similar => good days, and difficulties => high energy, and low => productive, and frustrated.

Pay attention to thoughts that are best ignored and not acted upon.

Be careful what you talk yourself into.


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