Corona Diary 1 May 2020

2020-04-30 08.06.29

I wrote myself a note and stuck it on my monitor…

If you keep an open mind then you won’t have to struggle to change it later


A friend recommended the writing of Primo Levi. I’m almost through, If This Is A Man.

Excellent reading for perspective in lockdown.

2020-04-30 15.06.57

Life has a way of humbling me.

I pulled my recovery days forward to yesterday/today. Going to get back on my program Saturday/Sunday then take another two days off to start next week.

One of the best lessons of my 30s was, “it takes about six weeks for an overuse injury to become apparent.” I even warned you, and myself (!), about it at the end of March.

I made it six weeks and three days. I was miserable, and not much use to my family, earlier this week.

Anyhow, the lesson of “beware the 45-day mark” applies across more domains than physical training. Most anybody can keep an initiative rolling for a month, or so.

Dalio says it takes 500 days to create a habit, the point at which whatever you’re trying to do flows on autopilot.

2020-04-29 19.38.41

Came up with a list of stay-at-home projects for the weekend:

  • Bake a carrot cake with Monica to celebrate Day 50 of lockdown
  • Weed whack the alley with my son
  • Make my own mask under the instruction of my oldest daughter
  • Craft sock puppets with my youngest daughter
  • Clean all outdoor furniture and pull cushions out of storage

2020-04-29 19.37.39

Ax-man said it was time to hand out feathers and give some recognition to the family. Pics above and below.

2020-04-29 19.37.57

Latest corona news is worries about re-infection might be misplaced.

Vaccine timelines bouncing between 9 months and 2 years.

No clear information on what happens if the virus doesn’t kill you – impact on lungs and other organs.

Bankruptcies are starting with large retail chains preparing for Chapter 11.


I play “what is cheap” with myself quite a bit.

Neighbors put their house on the market. Listed for $2 million, which is pre-Corona, no rush to sell, asking price.

Building is ~3,000 sq ft with internal garage. I’d estimate $750K for the lot, $250 per sq ft (depreciated) for the house. So ~$1.5 million virus value. Subtract $250K for a margin of safety and my price to buy is $1.25 million.

My calculation tells me there is a huge gap between sellers and investment buyers.

I’m usually priced out of a market, but not always.

When I would run these figures in 2009/2010, asking prices got as low as 35% under my valuation. In this case, the asking price is 60% over my valuation.


Leaves are coming on the trees.

Flowers all around the neighborhood.

Days are long and pleasant.