Corona Diary 4 May 2020

2020-05-01 13.34.16

Day 50 lockdown party was a hit.

Kids say they’re looking forward to going BIG for day 100…

2020-05-02 11.38.20

For COVID_19, I am the most vulnerable person in my household.

What would be useful => reliable information on how likely I am to get messed up by the virus. Not killed, not hospitalized, but permanently damaged.

Just like insurance, it’s easier to assess death than permanent disability.

Think I’ll ask my medical mentor.


What tipped me off, that antibody testing might not be all that reliable… it was rolled out by the local “anti-aging” docs at $250 per test.

As with supplements, many forms of elective surgery, low-T… if there is a demand then it will be filled.

We’re going to wait.

2020-05-04 08.33.58

More on Singapore – what gets my attention is how seriously they are taking lockdown given the very limited community spread outside of the dorms.

Saw a couple articles on Friday about no adult transmission from kids. Struck me as magical thinking. I catch everything, and anything, from my kids.

Mitigation hasn’t worked as I expected in Colorado, or elsewhere. We’re still reporting >400 positives a day at the state level.


Never miss an opportunity to use a crisis to further your agenda.

  • Obama => healthcare, environment, climate
  • Current => tax cuts, immigration, deregulation

When you look, it is easy to see at the State and Federal level. That said, most people spend too much energy thinking about remote issues.

How are you using this opportunity at your household, family and firm level?

The virus gives you an opening to implement necessary change, with yourself and others.

2020-05-04 12.10.57

Bears are back in town and they are hungry! They’re knocking over my compost bin, which they usually ignore.

Saturday marked the return of the hummingbirds, and the first time I’ve had to use glasses to read my workout! Milestones, of a sort.

My injuries have disappeared and I’ve been pain free for two days. So nice! I feel like I’m on happy drugs from the removal of chronic pain.


Want to help a personal trainer?

Help them create an outdoor gym.


I read about parts of Europe opening their public spaces for restaurants to serve outdoors.

We should do the same here, especially if we’re going to mandate restaurants to operate at 50% indoor capacity.

Use public outdoor spaces to create safe working environments so our communities can get back to work.