My Personal Pandemic Plan

2020-05-10 07.34.24

Mother’s Day went great => we tried a new cake recipe.

2020-05-09 15.05.19

I’m not going to wait for the government to tell me what to do.

The correct course of action seems obvious, at least through the end of June.

1./ Keep home school rolling => I’m going to roll five-week blocks.

The key to making home school work is a written schedule and hiring a tutor (for the child who most resists my instruction, but loves to learn).

A schedule, combined with non-parent support/accountability, drops in-house conflict to a level which we can handle, as long as required.

Why am I planning to roll the status quo?

Boulder county health department is advising local businesses to prepare for Safer-at-Home to continue through to vaccine deployment. This isn’t official policy, it is what they are telling proactive businesses, who are meeting with them and discussing the way forward.

My expectation: I will need to roll home school through the start of next academic year, and possibly beyond.

Find my way to an independent life that works => repeat and iterate.

This makes my family life robust to the decisions of my neighbors, and my government.

2020-05-10 07.44.08

Even if my government tells me everything is hunky dory, there are reasons to be cautious.

2./ Catch the virus, later => “They” tell me it’s unlikely I’ll end up in the hospital but I’m not keen on rolling the dice!

Getting sick later strikes me as a far better bet than getting sick sooner.

“Later” is likely to have more effective treatment protocols.

I think we could see the virus run-the-table in Colorado.

  • North / South of me, are pockets of the population agitating for their right to self-infect.
  • We don’t have effective restrictions on intrastate travel, so the newly infected are going to be spreading the virus throughout Colorado.
  • Our hottest hotspot is ~50 miles from my house, in a meatpacking plant where management refused free, onsite testing. Thankfully, the State set up free testing a mile down the road.

We normally see individual vs collective conflicts manifest with regard to gun ownership => the gun debate makes more sense when viewed through a lens of collective vs individual rights.

The debate over reopening reminds me of working in China in the mid-1990s, a time when smoking was seen as a way to assert individual independence and demonstrate personal courage.

Different situation, same psychology of misjudgment.


Here is a link to an article that helped me understand what it takes to catch the virus => exposure over time => the article includes practical examples of scenarios I’ve been considering.

To manage my running injury, I started riding my wife’s Peloton bike. Great product. In over 20 years of cycling, Peloton is the first time I’ve enjoyed riding indoors.

Get-sick-later reminds me of a favorite extreme-training mantra… Quit Later

Stay strong!