Corona Diary 12 May 2020

2020-05-11 13.00.28.jpg

We turned our basement playroom into a home martial arts studio. Cost me $190 worth of Amazon mats.

Our oldest is moving into essay writing at online-school.

Her first topic => I Believe In Exercise


2020-05-11 19.36.25

Value the relationship more than my opinion…

2020-05-11 19.03.46

Howard Marks’ latest: what caught my eye, “if you’ve got nothing additive to say then don’t say it.” He’s also advising himself to read and focus on philosophical musings.

First internal US quarantines: Alaska and Hawaii reported to be requiring 14-day self-isolation on arrival.

Spain announced 14-day quarantine for international arrivals.

Wearing a mask, but not covering your nose => reminds me of cyclists who clip their helmets to their handlebars.

Camping re-opens today, in Colorado. I’m hopeful to climb summer peaks, well off the beaten path, with my son.

Only a handful of online school days left for us.

Second-to-last week of my Big Mountain training plan starts tomorrow. Ten workouts to go.