Taking Stock on the Last Day of School

Wednesday morning science project was making a solar oven and s’mores for lunch followed

Tomorrow is ten weeks.

When this started I made myself two promises: (1) I will not complain; (2) I will wake up, early, every single day of lockdown.

So far, so good.


The city acted on the crowds in our waterfront park, the creek near the park was closed yesterday (paywall).

I have a hunch everyone will move downstream, which might “work” if they stay dispersed.


Lexi and I have our initial essay topics lined up for summer school. Thanks for the ideas.

Questions for me to consider over the weekend:

  • Am I acting like I am uncertain of outcome?
  • Am I doing what I want to do, rather than what is required/needed? I can get caught up in doing things that I think are important to others, but aren’t really important to them.


Completed the last “strength day” of my 10-week training block.

I did not expect to get so much satisfaction from getting up early to lift weights in my basement. In hindsight, the failure to anticipate was an obvious oversight on my part. I enjoy overcoming small difficulties.

The original idea was to eliminate my gym-commute, allowing me to be done with my morning workout before the kids wake up, in turn, freeing up my wife’s morning.

Making it easier for your spouse to train has a worthwhile return on investment.

Today is the last day of school => ten weeks of home schooling went by fast.

We just got back from the Goodbye Parade.

Lexi’s teacher was wearing the mask she made for him. Quality hat selection, too!

Since lockdown, I’ve made material, hopefully enduring, progress with my two weakest areas => patience and coping with kid noise.

The physical cue I have established is breathing in, when I used to hold my breath => a form of internal de-escalation.

I went back to wearing earplugs when I sleep but have shaken the habit of reaching for them as soon as my house gets loud.

Getting ready for a masked, socially-distant, outdoor playdate… with a sprinkler balloon!

As an elite athlete, I spent a several winters in the Southern Hemisphere.

The game I would play was staying put for 13 weeks and rolling-the-plan.

Simple, not easy!

Summer Home School starts Monday => We’re going to keep it rolling.