Corona Diary 20 May 2020

2020-05-20 08.23.41

If she could then she’d have an iPhone going as well.

So far, she’s earned $612 making masks.

The way I deal with kid money:

  • $1 per birth year, per week
  • Unconditional payment – UBI
  • 10% APR on any money left on deposit with Bank of Dad
  • All spending out of the allowance account is subject to my veto

So when our oldest said she wanted to buy an iPhone, I said, “You’d better find a job because there’s no way the Investment Committee is going to approve that purchase.”

Back story is I gave her the cheapest Android I could find when I wanted to track her during ski season.

Once her babysitting ambitions were crushed by COVID, she started selling masks.

Incentives matter.


As I write this, I’m listening to my son sing to his iPad in an attempt to get a few final brownie points in his Google Classroom for Music.

Incentives again => the kid loves clicking “submit” and closing out his assignments.

2020-05-19 15.38.41

Parade tomorrow for the kids to say goodbye.

2020-05-19 09.20.20

Above is an example of Mom-snack for the kids.

I’m told it’s a step up from the Dad-snacks I prepare.

New iteration of the ski-slope below. Ski Slope 1.0 was heavily damaged during jiujitsu.

2020-05-18 17.14.52

I’m told the rollover is savage.


Mask Enforcement

Back in March, I shared my observation that hard quarantine is difficult to manage in a culture like the US.

It’s difficult for non-Americans, and some of my fellow Americans, to understand just how much we hate to be told what to do.

For example, we had a shooting at a Denver Waffle House because a customer didn’t want to wear a mask. The guy shot the cook.

This is not a MAGA issue. This is a deeply American phenomenon and spans all demographics.

The flip side of the crazies is what makes our entrepreneurial culture so strong. Net Net it’s an asset but, boy, do some people have to pay a price.

Here in Boulder, one of the most liberal places in the US, the city is trying to figure out how to get people to wear masks and socially distance. There is a large number of educated, healthy, liberal residents who are doing whatever they want, and letting their kids do the same.

Don’t blame, set an example.

Every reduction in our collective transmission rate helps.



The moose in our cemetery got into a car accident and had to be put down. This happened about 5km from our place. Unfortunately, it is not straightforward for large wildlife to get out of town.

Our governor did a photo shoot getting a nasal swab test. He announced we have enough testing capacity for anyone, anywhere in Colorado. Public Health has a webpage showing sites all over the state where people can get tested without appointment or referral.

Florida accelerated well past us in terms of virus spread and deaths.

Georgia was posting their data in reverse chronological order to make it look (reading left to right) like the virus was declining.

Rocky Mtn PBS has Read With Me sessions Monday to Friday for K to 3. They upload the lessons on their webpage and have a weekly lesson plan for parents. All I needed to do was sit beside my daughter and toggle the video on/off. Super easy. Free, no paywall. You’ll need to supervise for best results. Bella only enjoyed it with me beside her.

Here is a thread relating to Monday’s question, Why is the death rate so low? Short answer… because “everyone who will die” has not died by the study cutoff date. The thread is a quick read and useful for a lot more than COVID => click “show this thread” on the first tweet I linked.

Pier 1 closing all stores – going online only – 540 sites will go dark. Retail was tough before COVID – impossible right now.

The “20 is Plenty” program (mph) was voted permanent by our City Council (paywall). All “residential” streets are shifting to 20 mph at the start of June. Good news. Tons of kids on our streets due to all camps, clubs and extracurriculars being shutdown.

Our governor will update the summer roadmap for clubs, camps, etc… next week.