Corona Diary 19 May 2020

2020-05-18 11.55.20

Kids wanted to go skiing so they made a ski hill (behind them), skis (on their feet) and went for it.

Getting it done!

Ax even made himself a snowboard, see below. The run is called “Feel The Byrn.”

2020-05-18 17.14.14

As part of our oldest’s summer learning, she’s going to be writing essays alongside a Middle School English teacher.

I’m going to take up the challenge => one essay per week, 999 words max, pull from the stuff on my site.

My topic list, so far:

  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Money
  • Wealth
  • Exercise – Strength Training, Cardio, Skills, Agility
  • Difficult People – both the optional type and the not-optional
  • Mastery

If there’s a topic where my writing has helped you then please ping me on twitter so I can add it to my list => 12 weeks of summer break.


Yesterday was the first hot day of the year => the kids overheated and there was a bit of drama after PE.

2020-05-18 15.49.16

Lexi’s mask selling business suffered a setback due a delay in securing bias tape for straps.

Monica managed to locate 14 packs and I took the opportunity to do a practical math lesson.

  • How many masks per pack?
  • How many packs?
  • Total masks you can make from all this tape in my hands?
  • Gross revenue from those masks?
  • What’s a fair slice of that revenue to pay me for the tape?

I also explained that, sometimes, suppliers will squeeze you when they know you have no alternative…


Summer school schedule coming together. We have four tutors lined up.

Why four?

It has to do with something I learned from my experience with babies and preschoolers.

Diversify key service providers so there’s always room for me to step up without my life going into disarray.

I could have handled home school on my own. However…

When we had three little ones, reliable childcare was a key risk in my life.

With the little ones around, I always made sure I could access more help than I needed. This freed my mind to think better during a very stressful time in my life, and marriage.

With economies opening up from lockdown, and unemployment high, this may be a good time to bring help into your life, and put money into your community.

2020-05-17 13.58.08

Quick Hits

The photo above is the kids working on their Corona Scrapbooks. They love this project. $11 per scrapbook on Amazon.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention my house was gently vibrating on Saturday afternoon => college kids being college kids a few blocks away from me. Excellent choice in music.

Hawaii 14-day in-room quarantine extended to end May, end June if you’re going to Kauai.

Article on Alaskan quarantine extension.

Self-paced summer learning for kids => provided by our school district

Tren posted this 2016 article link about a company in the news with regard to vaccine trials:

Markets trending up and close to all-time highs.

I see downside risk => so rebalanced back to my target position this morning. It was a small trade. My mind doesn’t seem to register the difference between large and small moves.

The tactic of “small moves” works with all kinds of things. Size down to meet the underlying urge, while minimizing the cost of error.


The President taking hydroxychloroquine is in the news. Some folks are saying there’s no proof it works.

People have very strong belief systems wrapped around their supplements and medications. Those belief systems often work for reasons we don’t fully understand.

I nearly always find it a low-return on investment to work against a client’s core belief system. Perhaps the White House doc has a similar view and adjusted the President’s dosage accordingly.