Corona Diary 18 May 2020

2020-05-17 09.31.37

Over the weekend we transplanted pumpkins and cucumbers. Also, got our basil and carrots in the ground. We didn’t get the usual “final blizzard” this May.

Saturday night a wildlife camera caught a BIG mountain lion in our alley and there was a moose in the local cemetery yesterday. The moose was sitting the shade munching all afternoon.

2020-05-17 15.58.48

Picture is from a friend – I have a policy to NEVER, EVER, EVER walk towards a moose.


Bella has a desk!

We’ve had the table for 12 years => The Land of Nod. We have three sets of legs so can change depending on what we need.

2020-05-16 10.03.27

Up on the wall you can see a photo progression of Monica’s third pregnancy. We have one for each of our babies.

Monica was outstanding at being pregnant!


Here is a summary of how Eagle County used their lockdown: widespread antibody testing (11.5% infection rate, 55,000 county population), build surge capacity in their hospital, and secure PPE to get through a surge.

I noticed a very, very low death and hospitalization rate vs what we’d been told to expect. Curious what antibody test/protocol they used (not that I’m qualified to understand!)

2020-05-17 09.32.15

Our governor was on Fox News Sunday and the interview was picked up by Politico.

By the time I read the article I was interpreting it far down the chain.

He must have done a good job getting his points across. The main things I noticed: he’s going to work with “the President we have” to benefit the people of Colorado; he wants schools to open; and there’s no excuse for missing academic targets.

Good messaging, continued solid leadership and an example of a politician focused on results.

2020-05-16 15.24.17

Many of my friends ignoring the guidelines to recreate near home => using forced downtime from work to ramp up spring training in the hills.

Locally, most people skipping masks.

Taught my kids about masks:

  1. Wear the whole time => once on, once off
  2. Don’t touch
  3. Do not move up/down as you move in/out of people


JC Penney – highly leveraged retailer went under on Friday

This morning’s news dominated by a vaccine moving to Phase Three trials. We’re told this is good news.


Overall, I’m very, very wary of “things I want to believe..”

Such as…

  1. I’m safe
  2. The virus doesn’t infect kids
  3. The vaccine will arrive in the fall
  4. I can’t get infected outside

I am prone to error because I deeply want to believe…