Home School and An Opportunity

4x6 Inside The Box with 15 boxes

My neighbor did a photoshoot for us and created the above image. If you’re local to BoCo and want her details then drop me a line.

2020-05-15 17.12.58

Got my home school outline done.

The kids are really into experimentation so I’m going to start Science Wednesdays once official school ends. I found a site with enough experiments to get me through the summer.

Family Science Fair will be July 4th. There’s a good 100 Things to do Before High School episode on science fairs => the whole series is good, by the way, on Prime Video.

For English/Book Reports, I bought the Uglies series for our new Grade Six and the Everest trilogy for our new Grade Four.

Something I’ve noticed with running The Byrn Academy for Personal Excellence. The main payoff with education of younger kids is free time for me and socialization for them. The academic component, in itself, take 60-120 minutes per day depending on their grade (finishing up grades 1, 3 and 5).

Despicable Me was our movie on Friday night – we loved it.


An Opportunity (if we take it)

Couple weeks back the WSJ had an article about rich folks having to take care of themselves => cleaning, cooking, shopping… stuff like that.

The horror of ordinary living!

I didn’t read the article => the headline gave me a big smile.

When you can find the joy in ordinary living then you’re a long way towards being robust to fate and fortune.

Late last summer, I made a decision to phase out all help (and it was a lot of help!).

It’s been very good for us and gave us a jumpstart on lockdown living.

Two key observations…

#1 // when you have people “cleaning up” after you then you have a constant incentive to let things slide

I wasn’t able to see just how much I let slide until I got rid of my cleaning staff.

A lot of good came out of this because…

When you stop letting things slide, it rolls across your entire life.

These habits go far, far beyond sweeping the floor!

#2 // walking around the neighborhood, the cleaners are returning – the hair stylists are reopening – staffing is returning to normal. It’s to be expected.


The crisis gives you an opportunity to turn hassles into habits.

Best estimate, we’re going to be on quasi-lockdown for ~500 days.

Every single thing you repeat daily is going to be a deeply ingrained habit by the time a vaccine is deployed.

Allstar or Alcoholic?

Choose Wisely.