Corona Diary 2 June 2020

George Will made some fair points in a recent editorial – foremost being the President has a capacity to make things worse. Unfortunately, from my vantage point in Colorado, he’s being doing just that, daily.

In the news yesterday => the President tear-gassing Americans so he could walk to a church and pose with a bible. As America burns, I am reminded of the benefits of a parliamentary tradition.

“Some people aren’t worth the potential downside” is a rule I apply in my personal and business life.

At the Federal level, I’m ready for better. I’m ready for a change in approach.

Learn and iterate.

Science Bob had one that amused my kids for an hour during lunch. Cleaning Pennies with Vinegar.

Flagstaff Star above our house was lit for the last time until the winter.

Our governor modified the “safer at home” order to encourage everyone to recreate outside.

Bolder Boulder – the largest event in our city each year – was cancelled for 2020.

Luke Skywalker coming along, gradually.

Early in the crisis a Navy Seal I follow made three points that caught my attention. I pay attention when experts advise me to do something and I can’t figure out why…

  • Gas up your car
  • Pack a week’s worth of clothes
  • Don’t support any action that will result in the National Guard being deployed – you do not want them running your neighborhood

The underlying logic appeared to be: things can get a lot worse than you can image; it can happen here and it’s worth preparing for your worst case scenario in advance.

Here’s this week’s training plan.

Working towards better.