Corona Diary 11 June 2020

Yesterday afternoon was “can crusher” for Science Wednesdays. Ax-man described it as, “our most dangerous experiment yet!” Kids loved it.

Eggshell Geodes are coming along from last week, but I think we might have used too much food coloring.

Wednesday is also homemade pizza night – the recipe has been perfected and we all look forward.

Arizona, Texas and the Carolinas in the news for COVID hotspots. Colorado doing much better than other parts of the country and no clarity on why.

I saw an article on the BBC about the British PM promoting “support bubbles” – reminded me of my article from April.

Locally, most of our favorite downtown restaurants announced closings. They thanked the community and said they were not viable at 50% occupancy.

Below is a picture of our new downtown pedestrian zone to help local retail/restaurants. The red umbrellas in the distance are on top of what used to be on-street parking.

In the last 24 hours, Axel’s Science Fair project morphed from mountains to volcanoes.

Our math tutor’s husband had back surgery so I was the sub for the last two days. With our oldest, I feel like I’m putting a strain on the relationship each time I have to teach her a new concept => working with negative numbers had her grunting and growling at me!