Corona Diary 12 June 2020

Ax-man enjoying his writing. His current summer writing project is a Hardy Boys inspired thriller.

A big win for the team => it can be struggle to get him to work on his writing.

I haven’t been following closely but it appears that part of Seattle (#CHAZ) may be attempting to cede from the Union => realistically, it’s more of a highly visible protest. I’d forgotten about a similar situation (on Federal Land) @normonics reminded me.

I think it is helpful for governments to be patient in these volatile times.

Vail Resorts CEO donating ~$11 million of exercised stock appreciation rights to COVID and social justice causes. Whenever I see the CEO, or his team, in the news, they are making positive statements and contributions. Here’s a link to how they are approaching the next ski season.

Weekly initial unemployment claims seem mismatched with the monthly %age unemployed number. It is a very difficult task to gather reliable data in the current environment.

Denver School Board voted, unanimously, to terminate their contract with Denver Police Department. I expect that decision will look poorly in hindsight. Unfortunately, there is a proven need for school security in Colorado. We have too many school shootings and our kids die. Before dropping the current approach, I would want to understand the alternatives to keep kids safe.

Canadians handing out free masks and Toronto making masks mandatory on transit.

Great tweet by NNT on True Wealth. I write about this topic a lot.

To NNT’s list, I would add…

  • The Laughter of Children
  • Hugs
  • Longterm Intimacy
  • Being in Nature
  • The Ability to Demonstrate Mastery
  • Keen Students
  • The Ability to Keep Small Promises to Myself

The US Secretary of the Treasury was quoted as saying we can’t shut down again => this would seem to argue for low-cost, no-downside approaches to reducing virus spread => masks, (but your boss…). Grateful I can be true to myself, perhaps another item for NNT’s list.

Related, it’s reported that you need to sign a COVID waiver before attending a MAGA rally. I wonder if you’ll need to wear a mask.

Our President is gearing up to hold super-spreader events across our country and he needs the permission of your county health department to do so.

Articles in The Atlantic and Washington Post about COVID illness lingering for 60-days in young people. Not good. I wish we knew more about the longterm effects on young people, and healthy 50-somethings!

Market tanked, a bit, yesterday. I didn’t need to rebalance but I did recalculate my bear market trigger points.

Kids loving the ability to swim. Two thoughts:

  • Opening lower-risk activities can get quarantined fatigued people to trade away from high-risk activities.
  • Even good news can trigger uncomfortable transitions. Our oldest was “somewhat difficult” this morning because she felt she was missing out. We’re moving back to a proven technique of Alpha Tween management => rolling 14-day written schedule so she knows what’s coming.

High quality problems.

As I type this, the kids are running their own tutor calls and our youngest has prepared “snack” for everyone.


Offline for the weekend.

It’s the only way I swap checking Twitter for reading!