The Edge You Are Looking For

I saw a couple things on Twitter yesterday that got me thinking.

The first was a question about the Keto Diet. Here’s my reply:

What’s the f(x) you are seeking to create? In my experience, too many people focus of tweaking measurable (nutritional) variables rather than gaining clarity on their end goal and keeping that in mind for the 1,000s of choices that go into a physical result.

Put another way, what is the life, or body, you are seeking to create?

If you achieve your goals with a Branded Diet then it’s certain that you’re doing a lot of other things right. Inside these “other things” you will find the true source of your success. Your edge will come from discovering, then applying, what’s common.

Our minds are easily distracted by focusing on differences.

Our minds crave an easy edge so we don’t have to endure the difficulty of change.

Related, I saw an athlete asking for advice…

What nutrition supplements would you suggest? Just trying to get a better nutrition regiment.

First, before you take advice, get to know their life.

It’s a package deal => work towards a life, rather than seeking a trick of protocol. There are a lot of well-known folks, who you’d be wise to avoid.

Second, the value of what you take often lies in what it replaces.

My current supplement protocol in order of usefulness,

  • Veggies => replacing starch and sugar
  • Morning Workout => replacing evening web surfing
  • Water => replacing sports drinks
  • Morning Coffee => replacing evening alcohol

Find an edge by creating a life.

Your body is a function of the following variables:

  • Peers
  • Habit
  • Choice
  • Availability
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

Protocol is a distraction.

Simple, not easy.

Some of my best stuff => Damage Limitation Strategies // Nutritional Vigilantes