Corona Diary 24 June 2020

Father’s Day 2020, my pirates gave me treasure chests

We seem to be getting a feel for the highest risk activities for infection => face-to-face, indoors, for 15+ minutes with someone shedding the virus.

Still not much clarity on how long the asymptomatic shed the virus, long-term consequences for mild/moderate infection and profile of post-infection immunity.

Boulder County police are asking folks to back off the late-night fireworks – it appears we weren’t the only ones thinking it was gunfire!

The President has a point, poorly made, on testing’s impact on confidence => we can scare ourselves into a deeper recession. Masks build confidence.

Related, lots of charts out there comparing the US to the World. There is a chart circulating about US vs Europe that feels like fair comment.

The tweet below seems unlikely to be comparing like-for-like.

Feeling good about my decision to naturalize in the first 60-days of the Trump Administration – lots of Visa categories on hold through the election.

EU considering banning Americans from entering when they re-open next month.

Related, people are starting to talk about travel restrictions inside the US. However, there’s a lot of “talk” right now.

The Bezzle starting to appear: $3 billion never existed in the accounts of an Asian energy trader and $2 billion never existed in a German payments processor. BTW, the Bezzle is a measure of ongoing fraud in our economies and lies hidden most of the time.

The Bezzle builds confidence, and wealth, until you find out it’s not there!

Bought gas for the first time in 14 weeks.

Masks made mandatory in Cali.

Hot, southern states seeing upward movements in positives/hospitalizations (FL, CA, TX, AZ) => also Oregon.

The acceleration I expected for Colorado, turned up elsewhere, go figure. Still a long way to a vaccine.

The TX/AZ outbreaks are concerning as Colorado receives (continuous short-term) travel from these places. Plenty of Texas plates in our neighborhood during the summer and Aspen/Pitkin County connected to places like Scottsdale.

Our mini-outbreak appears to have settled, chart below.

In the chart above, you’ll see our recent peak. Just after that top, the city gave themselves the power to escalate against addresses that violate social distancing orders => official warnings, tickets/fines then terminating rental licenses.

Locally, we are concerned about what will happen when the students return in 45 days. We’ve heard collegiate athletes are back and starting their training.

In the high-country, the casinos are open. Driving down from Georgetown on Sunday, I noticed a billboard picturing a dealer wearing a mask. These are potentially super-spreader locations. In normal times, many of the guests take busses to/from Denver, about an hour each way, before spending the day/night indoors.

The Bolton book is unlikely to be remembered by history. Senator Romney’s impeachment vote might be. Romney’s $100 million IRA bothered me in the 2012 election. I know exactly what he did because it is what I used to do for a living. So the “bother” was more about my relationship with “winning in finance” than Romney.

Roll forward 8 years and we witness the benefit of having people of independent financial means in government. Also a reminder, act slowly, I will probably feel different later.

Science Projects are coming along – electric motors and volcanos.

Step One!

Luke Skywalker done!

Hands, face and eyes – challenging at any age.